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Utilization of fraud click analysis service

Utilization of log analysis

  • Analyzing visitors and repor[ROI analysis etc. Site operations data, Policy decision]
  • Log analysis check the number of visitor and buyers through AD. It determines the ROI on any AD and decide whether is will be expand or discontinued.

Utilization of Green

  • Check the visitor rate for each keyword that does not connect to the website after click, You can refer to the advertising time, exposure priority, stop advertising and advertising change.
  • Analyzing the reason an advertising costs with detailed account information of the ad, to suddenly increase, Slect medias to expose, Check competition analysis for each keyword. It can be a resonable advertising operations.
  • Other log analysis can not analyze Green.
    Other log analysis count visiting twice by double click and click F5 after visiting homepage.
    Advertising performance error of total visitor and CPC visitor by statistics of the meaningless data from number of visiting through CPC AD./span>

Utilization of fraud click statistics

  • You can use it for comparing AD effect, blocking visiting, refund or legal evidence from the fraud click ratio of each keyword, each AD and each medium.
  • when a sudden increase or decrease advertising, media selection and competition analysis by each keyword, you can expand or stop your advertising or ranking adjustment with reference to the fraud click.

Purpose of Real-time counseling

  • Strategically it can operate the site with analyzing the staying time, the page moves and the returning visitors history by each keyword in real-time.
  • When a visitor would be the guests who came to my shop, if you respond to customer in real-time and answer quickly, the purchase ratio will be increased.

Utilization of competitor analysis

  • Creat detailed keywords by using competitor's AD exposure information
  • Creat detailed keywords and advertise by expending the normal keywords resistration which cheaper than extended keywords, saving AD costs of 30%

Utilization of click chart

  • You can see the information of click at a glance on landing page.
  • Finding the problem like the click ratio by analyzing detailed information of specific selection on landing page

Utilization of campaign analysis

  • Possible to analyze the page, product and Sales analysis of specific traffic source by making simply code such as blog, café, news, notice, email and banner.