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Blocking visiting of computer by 100% analyzing regardless of changing IP and deleting cookie.

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Fraud click complete edition

  • Utilization of log analysis, fraud click, real-time counseling visitor marketing complete edition green
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Blocking fraud click Effect of saving AD costs

Fraud click typeRelated patent Information

Green is?

Green is a Fraud click visitor, click CPC advertising without opening homepage, which spent only advertising cost and visiting a program such as 'search bot'

It is an access information which not to recognize by third-party, Access frequency is twice when visiting twice by double click, Counting the click F5 after visiting homepage.So other company has the error about the number of CPC

Green is shown in green color in the list.

Record denying visitor

Analyzing the record denying visitor who to connect without leaving history using InPrivate browsing, IP change program and deleted all cookie by advertising type, search engine and search word. It is statistically the record denying visits ratio by visiting and providing the status of visiting like visiting time and staying time.

Warning and blocking

  • You can show 1st, 2nd, 3rd warning message on visitor's screen according to setting.
  • The warning messsage counter can be used the number of times using different depending on the site type.
  • Up blocking setting on the fraud click visitor's computer, it is down the browser when the computer visits the site.

Blocking visiting / Blocking setting

  • Visitor marketing program provides function to block visiting of fraud click visitors.
  • Once you set blocking for specific IP, specific IP can not see website screen when visiting again.
  • You can set unblocking for blocked IP.