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Possible to execute right for several patents

  • This is world's first perfect real-time online marketing program which has patents pending and registered patents.
  • Possible efficiently to manage sites by managing several domains from one account.
  • Possible open-access and management regardless of number of administrators or place.
  • Operating a service center with professional knowledge and all service requests via telephone and online will be dealt with as speedily as possible.
  • Storing log analysis data and reports for 5 years if you are using the service( Storing PC IP list such as fraud click menu for 6 months)

Fraud Click - World first log analysis, world largest analysis segment

  • It is correctly recognized and analyzing fraud click visitors who click CPC advertising without opening homepage, which spent only advertising cost and Green who visit via a program such as 'search bot'.
  • Check the visitor rate for each keyword that does not connect to the website after click, You can refer to the advertising time, exposure priority, stop advertising and advertising change.
  • Analyzing the reason an advertising costs with detailed account information of the ad, to suddenly increase, Slect medias to expose, Check competition analysis for each keyword. It can be a resonable advertising operations.
  • Used as an legal evidence or a refund and can block visiting or auto blocking the specific PC which do fraud click continuously with comparing the AD effect by checking the fraud click ratio by keyword, AD and media.
  • Recognize a returning vsitor accurately even the returning visitor connects to homepage again by chaning IP, deleting cookie or Inprivate browsing.
  • Possible to block visiting of certain IP to homepage with setting a blocking visiting.
  • Possible to track an IP clicking CPC AD and to check a number of visiting and a status of visiting in real-time and to use for blocking a fraud click.
  • Possible to inquire visitor's access record of CPC AD.
  • Can download CPC AD fraud click related data easily.
  • Can automatically block visiting of a homepage by setting the CPC AD click count.
  • Fraud click alarm message arrives when fraud click count is set.
  • When visited to a CPC AD, 1st, 2nd and 3rd warning message windows are showed in a row according to count set and can help save AD costs.
  • Can set a image that fit the character of the homepage as a warning window image.
  • Can directly block certain IP and direct blocking can be set as "CPC blocking", "Complete blocking", "Suspicious fraud click".
  • Can forced out of the homepage our current visitor.
  • Even if visited as CPC AD, can set the warning window to not be showed when the visitor is a real customer.
  • .The data of CPC AD fraud click can be used as a source of return request or legal evidance.
  • Can set an exception of fraud click when there is several movement of pages or staying at one page for certain seconds after visiting.
  • Can set a contact number and blocking message when blocking visiting.
  • Administrator can choose blocking mode which are blocking, do not use, alarm message.

Log analysis - world unique fraud click track

  • Possible to be accurate log analysis by filtering meaningless data without statistics from the CPC AD or flow. But other log analysis which access frequency is twice when visiting twice by double click and counting the click F5 after.
  • Check the visitor ratio by keyword not to visit to homepage after click and calculating accurate data which can do reasonable advertising by keyword,search engine, AD type.
  • Check a number of visitor and a purchased visitor through the AD, Choose which AD make ROI increase and can decide to increase or reduce advertisement.
  • Provide data of good quality that will be used for site operations and marketing via statistical analysis of the inflow route and search word.
  • Possible to distinguish the dynamic IP user's modem.
  • Possible to distinguish the Inprivate browsing visiting.
  • Possible to analyze purchase conversion by AD type, visitor, search engine, keyword and product.
  • Possible to check IP even if visited as deleted cookie and raised the security setting value.
  • Possible to check a visiting route, a keyword and a moving route of current visitor in real-time.
  • Provide a detailed analysis data of staying time on site, number of clicks and purchase conversion ratio by search word and search engine.
  • Provide a detailed analysis data of visit ratio, purchase conversion ratio of created campaign.
  • Provide an analysis data on computer of visitor so that you can utilize website structure.
  • Display an analysis on status of registration and purchase for membership of websites.
  • Analyze a purchase status by gender, age and region.
  • Analyze a shopping cart and a purchase conversion by AD type, search engine, search word in stage.
  • Analyze a product by flowed category, gender, age, region, price range.
  • Analyze internal search words as search words which searched many times and failed on the homepage.
  • .Analyzing (*)landing page by search word, search engine and AD type.

    (*) Landing page is? This is the page which visitor visit the first on the site.

  • Analyze and display status of internal AD and a list.
  • Provide log analysis which you wish to analyze as dashboard format.
  • Possible to analyze the number of visits on the inquiry date.
  • Possible to analyze revisit period of all visitors.
  • Possible to sort visitor's location by page and confirm in visits lists.
  • Cafe 24EC hosting, make-shop, the Golden Salon, Whois Mall, godomol, gabiah mall built using customer content / product analysis, purchase conversion analysis, menu analysis of the scenario analysis is possible.
  • Provide a visitor analysis engine to conditionally search such as number of visits, moving pages and staying time by AD type.
  • Monitoring up to AD keywords of 3 competitors sites weekly.
  • Naver knowledge shopping, then shopping Howe, shopping About box, ad networks, real-Click will also be automatically added to the analysis.
  • Expose a keyword pop-up image by keyword.
  • Storing the log analysis data and reports for 5 years(Except IP list) during using our service.

Real-time counseling - Patent technical registration

  • Strategically it can operate the site with analyzing the staying time, the page moves and the returning visitors history by each keyword in real-time.
  • Possible the aggresive marketing which can be increasing the customer satisfaction and purchase ratio with answering quickly to the homepage visitor inquiry in real time.
  • Simply run without complicated procedures such as chat server established , an applet installed, ActiveX installation.
  • Run without installing the application program on a Web server and simply run without membership or programs installed and any consent or cumbersome certification process for customers.
  • Visitor can sent message to administrator.
  • Possible to transfer file during counseling.
  • One administrator can counsel several customers by settings maximum acceptable customers at the same time.
  • Possible to transfer file and save URL during support.
  • The administrator show to the visitor the information the visitor is looking for directly.
  • Possible to set the alarm for visiting the homepage or requesting counseling. Also, possible to set each different alarm sounds for visiting the homepage or requesting counseling and you can specify the volume control.
  • In the case of visitor who is causing problems such as interfering in the operations can be blocked and the forced exit the conversation of the visitor.
  • Real-time counseling available while administrator is on-line and absence sign displayed while off-line.
  • Administrator can customize size/position/color of chat window according to sites characteristics.
  • When a flood of counseling, notification message to be displayed automatically "The administrator is counseling, please use after a while.".
  • If continue counseling is difficult, you can change the others.
  • Counseling history, save / autosave / output is possible.
  • It can be counseling regardless of blocking a window XP pop-up
  • You can see whether the chat window opened on the screen.
  • Possible to change support request image which you wish.
  • Possible to change settings which are support available/during absence/send SMS/leave memo/hide support window.
  • In case that you set customer by type, you can view set contents by tracking computer of applicable IP when revisit.
  • Only the corresponding administrators can see the counseling customer.
  • If the administrator absence, to receive a message or memo from the visitor.
  • You can set absence during support, you can let customer know your status.
  • It is showed that how many current visitors are on the homepage in real time.
  • You can confirm keyword which current visitor on homepage used.
  • You can see screen which current visitor is looking at.
  • Separated by The first visiting and revisiting and a counseling history of the current visitor can be automatically show a greeting message to customer.
  • If you do not wish to let normal administrator know important log data of sites, you can set sub-administrator.
  • You can set forbidden words to make impossible use forbidden words during support chat.
  • In case of frequently used sentence, you can preset for more quick counseling.
  • Segment and register a real-time counseling visitor, it can be seen that the visitor who registered during revisiting.
  • You can sort visitor requesting counseling by membership and non-membership.
  • In case that visitor requested counseling, you can set auto-answering.
  • You can expose event, notice and link the address to visitor.
  • .The customer can store conversation during counseling.
  • Storing the counseling history for 5 years during using our service.

competitor sites AD keywords

  • You can create detailed keywords with using the exposed information in the same line of business.
  • Creat detailed keywords and advertise by expending the normal keywords resistration which cheaper than extended keywords, saving AD costs of 30%.
  • Recent 1 month exposed keyword.
  • Possible to analyze recent 1 month's average exposure ranking by keyword.
  • Possible to analyze estimated recent 1 month's AD costs.
  • Showing result after "auto-comparing" with LOGA marketing sites.

Keyword pop-up

  • You can expose a pop-up image which administrator wishes in homepage according to search keyword.
  • The pop-up expose according to "Time, position, exposed page, size" to the keyword visitors.
  • Providing sample image.
  • You can select keyword to expose.