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About Visitors Marketing

Visitors real-time counseling feature

  • Perfect real-time counseling
  • Providing support chat various features without installation
  • Possible to see support history/revisit history for returning visitor
  • Storing for 5 years counseliing history If you are using services
  • World's fastest/firewall ignoring technology equipped counseling program without installation
  • From passive customer contact through email or bulletin board to aggressive customer contact through real-time counseling
  • Perfect real-time counseling without registration and installation for visitor
  • Administrator find and show information which visitor is looking for to screen (URL, file)
  • You can see page which visitor is looking at.
  • Continuing chat support by switching operator in case that administrator needs to be away
  • Providing each different alarm sounds to the administrator for visiting homepage or requesting support
  • During real-time counseling, you should use the commonly used phrase or repetitive responses are stored
  • Administrator absence settings, auto-saving and manual saving of conversation

Fraud click track features

  • Green analysis
  • Recognizing as same computer even though visitor is visiting after deleting InPrivate browsing, cookie and changing IP, and blocking visiting
  • What is Green?

    Green is a Fraud click visitor, click CPC advertising without opening homepage, which spent only advertising cost and visiting a program such as 'search bot' (※ Green is shown in green color in the list)

  • Fraud click visitor, blocking visiting homepage

    It shows that the fraud click from CPC AD google, Click Choice, Clix is being tracked using pop-up screen with warning message about visiting history. The warning message is useful to prevent fraud click

  • Providing statistic data for refund

    As internet penetration increases, mostly internet ADs are CPC,CPM based AD. It is current situation that advertiser does not know when, who, how clicked AD even though AD expense was depleted because CPC advertising costs

  • Effect of advertising cost saving

    If suspicious fraud click visitor continuous visited your site, in spite of 1st/2nd/3rd warning message to lead to favorite, you can block IP connection. You can save AD cost because IP connection blocked visitor can not visit your site

Real-time log analysis features

  • Advertising cost usage list
  • Real-time search visitor analysis engine
  • Green visiter analysis
  • Real-time analyzing sites statistics on current visitor
  • World largest analysis segments
  • Monitoring competitors sites
  • Keyword pop-up
  • Log analysis and storing reports for 5 years
  • Click chart
  • Measuring the effects of advertising
Analyze any data being analyzed all over the world log analysis using 400 analysing segments.
Check data which can not be analyzed by other log analysis program and function which other log analysis program does not have.
  • Details of CPC advertising costs used such as "Click Choice". Green part of the list is the data from a third-party log analysis does not analyze.
  • Records refused visitor "Inprivate browsing", "changing program", "Delete all cookie" + "Green"

    Green part of list is the visitor to spent only advertising cost without opening homepage and the information which a third-party log analysis does not analyze.

  • Visitors via AD, revisit period of specific visitor
  • Visitors via AD, separate statistics on visiting history of specific visitor
  • Visitors via AD, divide visiting number of specific visitor
  • Visitors via AD, separate statistics on staying time of specific visitor
  • Possible to block visiting to Individual sites
  • Real-time visitors lists on homepage and real-time showing visiting position
  • Possible real-time to view information on each statistics such as explored pages by current visitor on homepage
  • Possible to track dynamic IP
  • Only registered members of the site Simple connection without logging in and registering the visitor also members Simple connection rate statistics
  • Possible to track InPrivate browsing
  • Possible to track visitor who deleted cookie
  • Possible to analyze competitor sites
  • Possible to show keyword pop-up by search word

My Advertising effectiveness Analysis Features

  • Providing advertising keywords of competitor sites
  • Possible to confirm high efficient AD medium
  • Estimating ROI
  • Saving advertising costs

  • Information of competitor's AD keyword

    Monitoring up to AD imformation of 3 competitors sites weekly.

  • Retention rate

    Log compiles statistics about "Retention rate" which means how many visitors return in May after AD ended from 100 visitors who visited homepage via specific AD during April. Other company can not analyze.

  • Unique visitor

    LOG calculates how many computers [Number of actual person] which visit homepage via specific AD without cookie, but in case of other company's cookie based analysis, it is no meaningful analysis, In case that one person.

  • Event script

    Providing extended features which allows you to analyze all online AD in detail by event script for specific AD which normal script can not analyze.

  • Synthesis

    You can find high efficient AD because staying a long time, few fraud click, many unique visitors and high purchase conversion.

Technical difference with other log analysis

You can win in AD exposure competition. Saving AD costs. With log visitor marketing Complete Edition 10 days disappear click fraud, Increasing sales with real-time counseling.

Technical difference with other log analysis
Other log analysis, A,B,C Log corp - log analysis complete edition Green visitor analysis
Free or low cost 50.000 won per month ~
It recognizes the returning visitor by changing IP in individual visitor It recognizes the returning visitor by changing IP
Impossible to recognize the fraud click visitors without visiting sites 100% green visitor statistics for click fraud without connecting to site
It recognizes the Inprivate returning visitor in individual visitor It recognizes the Inprivate returning visitor
It recognizes the returning visitor after deleting all cookies in individual visitor It recognizes the returning visitor after deleting all cookies
No current visitors lists and no real-time counseling function Real-time counseling with current visitors on list
Impossible to connect the visitor with CPC advertising cost history Providing CPC advertising usage details related to visitors, include Green visitor
No exposed AD information of competitor sites Providing exposed AD information D/B of competitor sites
No website access blocking function such as competitor's IP website access blocking function such as competitor's IP, According to the type of visitor keyword, provides a pop-up guidance function
Access frequency is twice when visiting twice by double click, Counting the click F5 after visiting homepage F5 and Open New Window is not included in the statistics

What is Unique visitor? It means unique visitors which excludes all other duplicate visits during specific period except for the first visiting

Unique visitor is excluding duplicate data based on IP or cookie in the time (1 day, 1 month, 1 year) from a large number visiting data which was randomly saved to database.
Generally, other log analysis program counts unique visitor by removing duplicate visits during specific period. And It is just simple count except removing duplicate within the period set by the period.
Looking closer,duplicate visits is counted based on IP or cookie, while visitor using dynamic IP are 70% and deleting cookie are 20% accordingly, the longer you set period to view, the larger error in counting increases, if you set.