You can see your customer.
Start a aggressive marketing with perfect real-time counseling

Aggressive marketing which you can talk to customer first with function which provides visitor marketing real-time counseling to all visitors.

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Main function and features

  • Administrator's counseling request to visitor first

    You can see the traffic information of visitors(IP, traffic source,visitor's location) from the current visitor list at glance and can request chat for promotion and counsel.

    Possible to counsel with several visitors in one support window (Pic.①)

    Increasing convenience by showing real-time counseling window by individual visitor so that you can see all window to avoid confusion of conversation.

    Quick settings and management function (Pic.②)

    Check the saved counseling list of selected visitor
    Store the conversation of selected visitor
    Check the explored pages of selected visitor
    Block the conversation of the selected visitor

    Frequently used sentence management (Pic.④)

    Possible to save time and quick answer by storing frequently used sentence and repeated answer during support.

  • Possible to change the size of counseling window

    You can change the size of counseling window during counseling because it is not fixed window but dynamic window.

    Function showing the product that the visitor wants on homepage

    Running by entering URL to send message, as function which you can show product page to visitor during real-time counseling.

    Changing the administrator (Pic.③)

    If you can not continue the counseling during the counseling, you can change the administrator.

    Managing file (Pic.⑤)

    Fast processing by real-time transferring data after saving frequently used file.

  • Store the counseling (Pic.①)

    Possible to auto-save/manually save the counseling with visitor.

    Responding quickly for visitor during absence

    Function which administrator is able to receive by switching counseling window to SMS window and MEMO window during absence

  • Alarm sound settings (Pic.②)

    Possible to set an alarm when the customer visit or request the counseling

    Counseling window configuration

    Setting that you need it in advance by a alarm sound, the counseling setting and storing the conversation.