You can see your customer.
Start a aggressive marketing with perfect real-time counseling

Aggressive marketing which you can talk to customer first with function which provides visitor marketing real-time counseling to all visitors.

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Real-time counseling

You can see your customer.

Confirming the visiting history and performing real-time counseling by IP

Possible the aggresive marketing which can be increasing the customer satisfaction and purchase ratio with answering quickly to the homepage visitor inquiry in real time.

Counseling on any devise
Possible counseling on any kind of device such as PC, smart phone, app.
Aggressive marketing
Talking to the visitor first can increase sales
Alarm function in absence
In absence,receive a message such as daily report, fraud click alarm
Stroing the counseling history for 5 years
Counseling after tracking counseling history by individualizing customer

Advantage of visitor marketing real-time counseling

Possible to use without installation

  • Possible to use all function by inserting simple HTML code without installing active X or application and so on.
  • Possible to use it to all pages not only homepage but also open market.
  • Possible to real-time counseling with seeing the customer information without registration and logging-in.

Effect of increasing the sales from understanding the customer's interest

  • There are many cases which visits the site from high pricing keyword and just exited. Because you can not check how many visitor on homepage and which product visitor is interested in.
  • But visitor marketing real-time counseling can see the product(page) with customer together so you understand what they like it. It can increase the sales and the AD efficiency.

Responding quickly and resolving customer's inconvenience

  • You can support customer, while you are working on other thing because you have real-time alarm when you receive customer enquiry.
  • You can preset answer and answer by clicking for quick support so you can solve customer inconvenience by saving their time.

Add a variety of functions with the Gsiktalk

  • Administrators installed the knowledge Tok can receive the daily reports and the fraud click alarm through a messenger.
  • During administrator's absence, can receive a message through a SMS or the Gsiktalk.
  • You can counsel in real time from anywhere, such as the homepage, blog, cafe, banners and e-mail.