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AD ROI analysis

You can find high AD ROI medium which has long staying time, low fraud click, many unique visitor and high purchase ratio from online AD. You can estimate correct online AD ROI. Saving expense by analyzing correct result.

Event script(Campaign setting)

Meaning the marketing AD which was performed or being performing for purpose to induce for visiting by exposing banner or email within a certain period of time. In case of the event advertising performing during specific period, you can consider as measurement about whether event AD is successfully in progress by analyzing event AD by period and understand whether it is success with progress of purchase conversion of event AD by period, perform event AD which can attract visitor interest with sample of successful event AD.

AD effect analysis - all visitors

You can confirm structure type of visitor of websites. Visitor marketing does not count only simple visitor but unique visitor by deleting duplicate visits. You can analyze more accurate AD effect by comparing and analyzing the data of unique visitor, new visitor and returning visitor.

AD effect analysis - AD type

In case that you have much inflow because of characteristics of sites, you need to perform continuous AD, in case of AD type which has high registration ratio and high purchase/amount in AD types, keep performing. but in case of low staying time and sales, you need to improve contents of sites and in case of low visits ratio you have to consider and perform.

AD effect analysis - Search word

You are able to confirm visitor’s favorite search words with the search word which visitor used for visit and use as reference for a keyword AD. You can confirm whether current AD is strategically performed. In case of the search words which reached visit and purchase, you need to perform continuous AD and keep performing, in case of the search words which never sign up and purchase, you need to improve contents on homepage, in case of the search words which had no visit, you need to replace with other AD and you can refer when you perform AD.

AD effect analysis - Search engine

ou can confirm visitor’s favorite search engine and refer to search engine which reached visit and purchase from search engine and use as reference when you perform AD and you need to perform continuous AD, in case of websites which never have staying time and sales even though there is visit, you need to improve contents on homepage because this is internal problem, in case of a few visits, you need carefully to consider and perform.